Cage Conflict 15 Review

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Cage Conflict 15 Review

Review by Simon Caffrey from Split decision MMA

The George H Carnall Leisure centre, in Manchester, played host to Cage Conflict 15 last night in what turned out to be a good night of fights. New champions were crowned and everyone worked hard to be the one to get their arm raised. Their were 11 fights on the card and only one of those went to decision. Not just that we also had a freestyle rap from the in cage announcer! It made for a good night and here is Split Decisions look back at the action

Michael Oliver  vs Tony Morgan

Both fighters looked a little tentative to start the first round.  Both exchanged early as the feeling out process began. Morgan made the first significant strike with a leg kick. Oliver was looking to land that one big punch, but Morgan had a bigger reach advantage on him. Morgan grabbed hold of his opponent in the Thai Clinch and landed a solid knee up close. Oliver pushed his opponent away and landed a kick of his own but it was returned twice by Morgan. Morgan then followed this with a right front kick which slapped in the face of Oliver and dropped him to the floor. He then swarmed in quick to the ground ready to go to work.  He looked to take the back while Oliver worked to get out of the position and started to stand but was dragged back down. Morgan got behind a crouched Oliver and started to land shots. Morgan ended the round in side control, holding his opponent down.

Both fighters started a little slower in the second and it was Morgan who landed a nice jab, right kick to the legs and left kick up high. Oliver looked to land a kick of his own but it was caught and Morgan landed a nice punch and a kick.  Oliver continued to look and bridge the gap and get in close but to no avail as Morgan pushed in to land a solid combination and short left kick which had Oliver staggering.  Morgan smelt blood and looked to swarm in on Oliver. Oliver defended well but Morgan scooped him up and slammed him to the canvas. He landed in side control and started to land punches in close and Oliver couldn’t defend himself and the referee stopped in to stop the fight.

Morgan got the TKO victory

Billy Hatton vs Jay Jacques

The fight started with Jacques opening up with a nice right and Hatton responding with a kick Jacques then pushed in, scooped up and slammed his opponent to the canvas. He got his arm around the head of Hatton and landed some crunching knees to the body which looked painful. Hatton got back to his feet but Jacques pulls guard right away and locks up a guillotine choke from the bottom. Pressure is applied and Hatton is forced to tap.  

 Jacques grabbed the submission win via guillotine

Lewis Woods vs Jake Bond

Nice kicks from Woods to start the fight, but Bond responded by rushing in and landing some punches of his own. Against the cage he gets the fight to the floor and ends up in top position. However it was Woods who switched on the quicker and got Bond in a guillotine choke. It wasn’t on for long and Bond escaped. Woods then looked to stand and is crouched, ready to push up but Bond looked for a choke and Woods got out and applied his own, with Bond in the side position. Bond got out, postured up and landed a nice punch. Woods turned over but Bond is quick and he turns behind him with a triangle type tie up and is landing some shots. He then rolled over with an arm and it looks tight and Woods is forced to tap.

Bond is happy with his victory and jumps on the octagon to celebrate.  An impressive submission victory from Jake Bond via triangle choke.

Dave Richardson vs Lee ‘The Monkey’ Thompson

P1020201 cropped

Both fighters came out, looking to work each other out, and wait to seize the initiative. Thompson went for a spinning kick from the side that just missed. Richardson shot in for a takedown but was stuffed by Thompson. They scrambled to the cage and Thompson got in a strong position holding his opponent against the cage. He landed some nice knees to the body and had a standing guillotine on and was landing some good punches. They went to the floor with Thompson taking the back of his opponent after some GnP. His opponent looked like he wasn’t in trouble, but Thompson tightened up  the choke and Richardson was forced to tap. Thompson earned his bananas by getting the  submission victory via Rear Naked Choke. 

In just his first fight ‘The Monkey’ showed that he is one primate who loves to be in a cage and his animal instincts definitely kicked in.

Micky Oliver vs Kingsley Carter

Just like at DOME MMA 4, Micky Oliver stepped in to help the card and fight for the second time in a night. 

Carter looked to land early and Oliver ran in and swarmed his opponent early with great punches in close. However Carter pushed his opponent to the cage, swept him up above his head and slammed him to the canvas. Had a Matt Hughes look about it did the takedown. He then worked into full mount and looked to work. Oliver is defending well but as he turned over,  he gave up his back and Carter pounced. He got his hooks  in and  tightened up the rear naked choke. Oliver tapped out giving Carer the win.


In between the fights the crowd was then treated to a freestyle rap from the in ring announcer. From Brooklyn in the USA he showed the crowd he can match the likes of Eminem and Dr.Dre. 


Pro: Will Cairns vs Declan Williams

P1020204 cropped

The only professional fight on the show started with a kick from Cairns and Williams responding by taking it to the ground.  When there he ended on top and but in a guillotine choke. Cairns landed knees to the body from the bottom and they then scrambled with Cairns still holding onto the choke. He threw more knees from the bottom but Williams got out from the choke and into full mount. He started to rain down elbows and punches. All Cairns could do was cover up as Williams punished him with blow and the ref jumped in to stop the fight.

Declan Williams got the TKO victory. 

62kg Cage Conflict Championship: Ben Dearden vs Paul Kenyon

The first title fight of the night saw HAMMA’s Ben Dearden take on Paul Kenyon. Kenyon was a late replacement, taking the fight on a day’s notice. Much respect to him for stepping up and fighting.

The action got going with both guys exchanging blows. Dearden then landed a left inside kicks, saw ‘red’ and connected with a high left kick which dropped Kenyon, who tapped out from the floor.

A new champion was crowned in under 15 seconds as Ben Dearden scored the, lights out’ , knockout. 

70kg Cage Conflict Championship: Brad Wilde vs John Spencer

P1020211 cropped

The second title fight of the evening was another quick one. It started with Wilde coming out as the aggressor and he looked for a few kicks before he ducked under a punch from Spencer and slammed him to the ground. He landed in side control and landed some knees to the body. He gets into full mount but isn’t postured up as Spencer shows good defence.  Wilde  worked to posture up and opens up some great ground and pound. Elbows and punches were both coming  down in bunches. Spencer just cant seem to get up and Wilde stepped over and set in the side choke. He squeezed it in  tight and got the tap to win the championship.

Brad Wilde is the new 70kg champion with a Side Choke.

Danny Brelsford vs Sam Cairns

P1020212 cropped

The fight began with Brelsford rushing out to meet his opponent and be the aggressor, but he ran into a solid left from Cairns. It didn’t rock him for long as he responded by pushing back in and taking the fight to the ground. On the floor he got side control quickly, landed some short punches and transitioned to a side choke. It was on tight and Cairns tapped out.

Brelsford the winner by Side choke.

77Kg Cage Conflict Championship: Christophe Le Hieget vs Kenneth Richardson

The last title fight was one worth waiting for. The fight opened up with Hieget landing early and both fighters trading in close. Hieget went in for a takedown but Richardson pushed him away and into the cage. There Richardson  looked for the takedown off the fence but Hieget was defending the single attempt well and  put the hooks in for a guillotine. It was a strong defence from Hieget who pulled guard and tightened on the guillotine but Richardson worked out and found himself in a good top position. Hieget worked back to his feet and got his opponent against the cage and looked for a takedown of his own. He completes it but Richardson throws on his own guillotine. Hieget got out and they both scrambled with Hieget getting the back of his opponent and Richardson spinning him over and taking top position. Hieget looked for a submission attempt off his back, but couldn’t find it and Richardson ended the round on top! Great first round, with high action and close on the scorecards.

P1020216 cropped

A Kick from Richardson landed early and both then pushed in and scored with hard strikes as they clinched up, with Richardson pushing his opponent to the cage and completing the takedown. Again he found himself in a guillotine and Hieget stood up, holding on to the choke, while Richardson was crouched holding on to the single leg. It went back to the floor and Richardson was in top position. Hieget trained to stand up but Richardson grabbed onto a guillotine  choke from his back. He had it on tight but Hieget was defending well and landing some tough body punches. Hieget got out and went into top position himself. Richardson was showing a good defence making his opponent look to transition to a better position. Richardson then turned over and gave up his back. Hieget pounced right away to get the choke but Richardson got out and found himself in the back of his opponent. They stood up with Richardson behind Hieget and they pushed to the cage. Hieget spun round and took the fight back down to the ground and worked into full mount. He couldn’t keep it but landed some nice shots from the top. The round came to a close with Richardson switching it round with a single leg and ending on top. 

It was a bit more of tentative start to the round as both fighters looked to land some good shots. Richardson  was looking the smoother but Hieget pushed in and got it to the floor. It was Richardson, however, who landed on top on his back. They worked back to the feet Richardson landed a nice left and they broke to stand and trade in the centre. Both guys were landing solid shots as it kept going back and forth. Richardson ducked under a Hieget punch and looked to take it down.  He pushed his opponent to the cage and completed the takedown. However Hieget got his back and  tried to get his hooks in. Richardson is defended well and got out and as Hieget tried to stand up Richardson pounced on him to keep him down. Hieget managed to stand up but ate a knee to the body from his troubles. They moved back to the centre and out of nowhere Hieget pulled guard and had a tight guillotine locked on.  Richardson again showed great defence and popped out and took top position. There he looked to land some nice shots on the ground and kept the score card ticking over. An armbar attempt from Hieget looked tight from the bottom but again Richardson got out. The fight looked to go back to the feet, so Hieget attempted for a takedown against the cage but the round ended.

A fight which deserved to go into the championship rounds did.

P1020217 cropped

Both fighters looked tired as round four began but it was understandable after the back and forth fight we had seen so far. Both traded punches to start the round and Hieget  threw a nice knee as Richardson landed a thunderous kick to the body. The fight moved against the cage  and Hieget had his opponent against it and was landing some vicious knees in close to the head and leg. The knees were really hitting his head hard but Richardson is one tough fighter who never gives up. The knees kept coming  but Richardson got it to the ground briefly and then looked for a single leg and worked his way to top position for a moment as Hieget threw up a sub. They got back to the feet and Richardson had his opponent against the cage but is turned and they went back to the pattern from the start of the round with Richardson taking powerful knees to the head. He dropped down to go for a single leg but Hieget  was too quick and worked to the back and looked for another choke. He couldn’t seem to get his hooks in but with five seconds remaining he got it in but Richardson held on to see out the round. 

The crowd went wild as the fighters came out for the last round. A great war, between two tough warriors, was going to get a final chapter. They both showed respect to each other by touching gloves and then the final round began. Richardson shot straight in and looked to get it to the floor. He got it there but couldn’t keep it down for long. Hieget stood back up but Richardson  had  hold of a single leg against the cage. It went back to the floor and Hieget turned over and went for the back and then an arm but Richardson ended up in top position. He was working from the top but Hieget was always looking for the sub. Richardson stood up and looked for punches and then followed  back to the floor. As Hieget turned over and stood up, Richardson got the back and he lifted him up around the waist and threw him  back down. He jumped on the back of Hieget who got up and pushed Richardson back against the cage. Richardson was landing some solid body punches though and Hieget  wasn’t really working. The fight went back to the floor and Hieget got  in side control and then into full mount but wasn’t postured up and Richardson defended well to see out the fight.

An absolute top draw fight which went back and forth from the first to the last second. Both guys left it all on the line and much credit to both of them. The fight was worth the entrance money alone.

However there was a winner on the night. The decision went the way of the new champion: Kenneth Richardson. 

P1020222 cropped

Main Event: Bryony Tyrell vs Jenna Rea

The main event of the evening saw the women step into the cage and what an advert for women’s MMA it was. 

It was Rea who got the first blow as she landed  some powerful right punches! She tied up her opponent and pushed her to the cage. Tyrell, however, had a better idea and reserved her opponent and looked for a takedown. She had Rea against the cage but couldn’t get it down. Rea looked for a standing guillotine and had her arm under the neck. So Tyrell worked some inside knees and they worked a little more against the cage and she got out of the guillotine. They broke and Tyrell landed a solid right side kick and they circled with her landing a couple more. Rea swarmed in with punches and a knee and got her opponent against the cage. They jostled and the round ended with Tyrell having her opponent in a head lock. 

P1020223 cropped

A side kick landed early in the second from Tyrell but Rea responded with a few punches and a knee. They were strong shots but Tyrell was taking them and continued to push forward. She landed a nice right kick but ate another punch from Rea. Another front kick pushed Rea back, so she landed another and had Rea backing up. Rea responded by coming in and landing some tough punches which had Tyrell backing up but then responding with two more side kicks. Rea landed another nice right but Tyrell’s wasn’t going anywhere. She landed another kick but ate another punch, but ate another punch by Rea who went forward and began landing some  stand up close in.  Tyrell got Rea towards the cage and they transitioned  a few times with both being against the cage. It ended with Rea having Tyrell against the cage and landing the solid knees to the body. Another headlock came from Tyrell as the round closed with Rea getting out and holding her opponent against the cage.

The fight deserved a final round and it was Tyrell who came out strong as she landed more side kicks  but Rea responded with a kick of her own. Then Rea goes up a gear and swarms Tyrell with punches  and against the cage on the feet she is throwing punch after punch. She landed to the body, head, body, head! However Tyrell is tough and didn’t go down but the ref had seen enough and waved off the fight. 

P1020224 cropped

Rea took the fight by TKO (Strikes). 

Two very tough and skilled ladies where on show tonight. Both can be proud of their performance and I’m sure we will hear more from them in the future.

Split Decision Bonus Time

As always at Split Decision we like to award the bonuses for FOTN, SOTN and KOTN. 
Sub of the night: Jake Bond
KO of the Night: Ben Dearden
Fight of the night: Kenneth Richardson vs Christophe Le Hieget

It was a great night of fights in Manchester this evening. Many guys where on show here who can only advance the more they fight. The tone was set right in fight one and the night continued to provide finish after finish. The card ended in the best possible way with two top fights. A shout out to everyone who took part tonight. All the fighters put it on the line in each fight and it was a pleasure to be involved in.

Thanks to Rick at Cage Conflict for allowing SD MMA UK to cover the show. 

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