Ben Dearden: “I fight to test if I’m learning and getting better”.

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Ben Dearden: “I fight to test if I’m learning and getting better”.



Ben Dearden trains with some of the best in the North West and is developing into a solid Mixed Martial Artist. When you train with the best it can only make you better and Ben gets the chance to test himself this weekend when he takes on Karl Fowler, for the Cage Conflict Bantamweight Championship. Ben is no stranger to being in championship fights and this can only help him this weekend. With a great passion for MMA, he took some time out to speak to us at Split Decision and look ahead to his fight.


Hi Ben, thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you tell people a little about yourself?

“My name is Ben Dearden, I’m 28 years old and have been doing MMA for around 5 1/2 years now”. 

At Cage Conflict you are fighting for the Bantamweight championship. How does it felt to get the chance to fight for a title?

“It’s a great honour to fight for a title especially a vacant one. It came as a shock really when I found out as I’ve not fought for seven months and my last fight I unfortunately lost. I was hoping to hit the ground running but it still was a shock. I was expecting an early card spot against someone with a varied record not straight into a title fight. But I know I will rise to the occasion and come out with the belt”. 

You take on Karl Fowler. How much do you know about him and what type of fight can we expect?

“I don’t know a great deal about Karl which is a good and a bad thing. I do believe he’s smaller than me in height and possibly coming up from flyweight. I’ve seen one fight online which he won by arm bar but that was a long time ago and any video info I would have on him wouldn’t be useful. It does say online that he is undefeated as an amateur 6-0-1 and has one pro fight. He’s been out for a while because he apparently blew his knee out years ago so this will also be his returning fight. 

I’ve imagined this fight going many ways of course, all my way, but I shall put it this way. I’m either going to walk out of the arena with the belt round my waist or we are both going to hospital. I’m not saying he’s not going to win but Ill drag him through five rounds if he wants that win”. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to fight for any titles before? 

“I’ve actually fought for two titles before both at featherweight against guys much larger than myself.  I won the MMA total combat featherweight belt against Luke Ord in a very close decision which fortunately went my way. I lost my second title fight also at featherweight, for the Full Contact Contender belt, against a very scary and beardy Joshua Jarvis. He beat me in under a minute via (arguable) guillotine choke which took me off the ground (laughs)”. 

How much do you know about cage conflict?

“Unfortunately I have never been too a cage conflict show but have heard great things about it. It’s one of the top shows in the country and am honoured to be fighting on it”.   

What do you see as your best skills?

“I don’t consider myself to have a ‘best skill’ but if I have to say one thing I think I do well is mix between the skills. I’m not good at one particular thing I just do MMA and hopefully that’ll get me the win”.

How is your training going? Is there anything you’ve had to change for this fight?

“Training is going awful :-) I’m getting my arse kicked everyday by the boys at HAMMA. They don’t let your rest, there are no easy days just days that hurt slightly less. Training six days a week twice a day can mess you up but I love every minute of it.

How do you prepare for an opponent you know nothing about? The answer is you cant, so I just train against myself and push as hard as my body will allow”.

I will never experience getting into the cage and fighting. And for that I have so much respect for everyone who does it. What’s the feeling like when the cage door is shut and it’s just you and your opponent?

“It’s very hard to explain and unless you do it, it’s very hard to put into words. It’s almost like when you go to itch your testicles and one of them is missing. There’s panic, fear and a hint of curiosity.  But when you find it again theirs joy, happiness and most of all relief. For the woman who will read this its like losing your lip gloss in your bag ;-) “.

What do you find as the most challenging aspect of MMA?

“The dieting! Not because its an inconvenience to me, NO, it’s because it’s inconvenience to the people around me. I don’t mind dieting at all it’s the fact the my wife, family members and friends all have to eat certain places at certain times. For example I went round my families house and they was having a BBQ with sausages and the whole shebang. It didn’t bother me but everyone else was bothered and felt bad because they was whopping down the meat like it was Christmas”.

How far do you want to go in MMA?

“I don’t have a point of reference just an aim. I just want to see where I can reach. Doesn’t matter if I never go pro and doesn’t matter if I ever fight for a big organisation. I didn’t start training to fight and I still don’t train to fight. I train because I love training and I fight to test if I’m learning and getting better”.

What is the best thing about fighting and what motivates you to fight?

“I love to entertain and to make the crowd happy. I’m not in there to win by points. I’m a bigger fan than I am a fighter and nobody wants to see five rounds of crotch hugging.

Don’t want to get to deep into it but my cousin is currently fighting motor neurons disease and I’m not allowed to quit because he never has. Fighting is easy when you watch someone struggle like he has and never gives in. I think of him when I don’t want to train or I hurt too much to run or feel like pressing snooze on my alarm. He’s an absolute arsehole but he keeps me going when I don’t want to. Please go on his website just search Christopher Boon my fight MND and people should find it.“.

Who have been some of your toughest fights to date and what has been your highlight so far?

“I could arguably say my hardest fight was Luke Ord for the MMA total combat belt. It was very close against a good opponent and I was fighting a lot of problems at the time.

My greatest highlight was actually my loss. Just being at FCC fighting for the belt was one of the best feelings ever. Even when I lost I didn’t care just because I had the chance to get it”.

Thanks again for taking the time. Anybody you’d like to thank?

“Firstly I’d like to thanks Sean ‘HAMMA Martin’ for excepting me into his home/gym. All the lads at HAMMA and my wife for putting up with me. Everyone I have ever trained with or under including all the people on YouTube and emails I’m received everyday of ‘the best jui jitsu system’. I’d like to thank all my coaches Ste Heyes, jay Gavin , George and last but not least Dave ‘ the hardest man in Malta’ Faulkner

I’d also like the thanks split decision for taking the time to interview me”.

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